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China-U.S. military escalation, China's Market Economy

Joshua Muldavin recently did a half-hour interview on China for KPFK's "Voices From the Frontlines" in Los Angeles. The interview resulted from Muldavin's earlier interview on unrest in south China for BBC World Newshour, as well as his Oped in the NY Times.

BBC World Service, Newshour

Protests Against Land Grabs in the Village of Wukan, Guang Dong Province

In an interview on BBC Newshour, Muldavin comments on the conflict between rural farmers and authorities in a rapidly growing industrial region of China. A long-running dispute (mainly due to land grabs) in Wukan, China exploded into open rebellion this week after villagers chased away government leaders, set up roadblocks and began arming themselves with homemade weapons.

The Wall Street Journal

China Fears Restive Migrants As Jobs Disappear in Cities

Joshua Muldavin speaks with Shai Oster about China's reverse migration in the wake of the global financial crisis, and the potential it has to shake the stability of the world's most populous nation.
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BBC World Service

China's Debate Over Land Reform

The Asahi Shimbun

Interview (Available in Japanese only)

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BBC World Service

Social Inequality and Unrest in China

The BBC interviewed Geography faculty member Joshua Muldavin on social inequality and unrest in China. The segment begins with comments from an elderly peasant woman, counterpoint by Governor Huang Huahua of Guangdong province, followed by a discussion with Prof. Muldavin in which he highlights long-simmering problems and argues that rural unrest is the most pressing challenge the Chinese state faces today.

United Press International

Security Industry: China's rural 'time bomb'

Joshua Muldavin spoke with Ambika Behal of the United Press International about an increasingly discontent rural population that could stunt China's rise to global superiority.
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BBC World Service

Growth and Rural Upheaval in China

From the Council on Foreign Relations, for The New York Times

Q&A: Land Reform

Joshua Muldavin spoke with Lionel Beehner of the Council on Foreign Relations about issues of land distribution in the world today. Specifically Muldavin provided expertise on issues of land reform in China. The story can be found on the New York Times Web site.
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