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"Land from the Tiller: China's role in global processes of land dispossession." Panelist At The Second International 'Global Land Grabbing' Conference, 17-19 October, 2012.

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"Feeding the World: Globalization, Food, and Agriculture in the 21st Century." Invited Plenary Speaker at the 2012 Macalester College International Roundtable, October 11-12, 2012.

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"Doing Policy Analysis: A Report From the Field." By Piers Blaikie and Joshua Muldavin. Seminar at the East-West Center, June 15, 2012.

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"NGOs and Sustainable Development," in Conference Proceedings of the Third Conference of UN-NGO-IRENE/ ASIA PACIFIC, Beijing, May 2008.

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"China and Climate Change: can technology and markets solve the problem?," in Global Carbon Reduction: Developing New Strategies and Deploying New Technologies in Japan and the United States, The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, 2008, pages 74-82.
For Symposium details, click here and here. (In Japanese)

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"Global climate change: is China really the problem?" Columns, Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (in Japanese), November 2007.

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"From Rural Transformation to Global Integration: The Environmental and Social Impacts of China's Rise to Superpower."Speaking Engagement at the Carnegies Endowment for International Peace, February 9, 2006.

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"The environmental and social outcomes of China's reforms: challenges to state legitimacy," by Joshua Muldavin, in Major Internal Challenges Facing the Chinese Leadership, "Panel III: China's Internal Unrest: Worker Demonstrations, Civil Disobedience, Riots and other Disorder, and the Prognosis for the Future." Published Congressional Hearing including Testimony, Prepared Statement, and Discussion before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, One Hundred Ninth Congress of the United States of America, First Session, February 2-3, 2006, pp. 92-99, 106-127.

"Service Learning: Policy Potentials and Challenges for California's System of Higher Education," policy paper prepared for Gary Hart, the Secretary of Education in California, August, 1999.

"The Political Ecology of Agrarian Reform in Contemporary China: Impacts on the Peasantry and the Environment," Russian parliamentary conference paper (in Russian) in Peasantry and Power, Moscow: Center for Humanitarian Studies and Louch (Roy) Publishers, 1997.

"Global Restructuring and its Impact on Local, Regional, and National Economy: Case Study China," Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China, 1992.

"Potato Research, Cultivation, Processing, and Marketing in Heilongjiang Province" Report to the International Food and Policy Research Institute. Beijing/Washington: IFPRI, 1989.

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