"Creating a useful dossier for policy work," co-authored with Piers Blaikie, Policy Working Paper, ICIMOD, Katmandu, Nepal, 2006.

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"Policy as warrant: environment and development in the Himalayan region," by Joshua Muldavin and Piers Blaikie, in the East-West Center Working Papers, Environmental Change, Vulnerability, and Governance Series, No. 59, East West Center, University of Hawaii, 2004.

"Chinese Development Challenges and the Asia Crisis," working paper presented at the seminar at the National Opera House of Finland, Helsinki, 7 May, 1998, upon the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Environment and International Development Cooperation.

"The Market and Rural Sustainability." Working Paper presented at the LEAD/Rockefeller Foundation Second International Session, "Rural-Urban Dynamics: Interventions for Sustainable Development," Okinawa, Japan, October 18, 1996.

"The Environment, Agriculture, and Social Stratification in Contemporary China," Finnish Parliament Working Paper, June, 1996.

"United States and International Agriculture," Briefing Paper for Governor Jerry Brown of California for his meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan, 1982."Agricultural Sustainability," Department of Forestry Working Paper, U.C. Berkeley, 1981

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